Just like Snakes and Lattes?

Every time someone comes in and asks what we do, we tell them we’re a board game cafe. Very often they respond with “just like Snakes and Lattes?”

I get it, they were around first, they have the recognition, and they set the standard. So are we like them? The short answer is YES. We charge a sitting fee to play our game library, we teach you games, and serve you drinks and snacks.

At the same time we’re also different, very different. We actually pride ourselves in our differences.

We welcome singles to come play games with us and others. We have regular meetups where you can come play/learn games with others if you don’t have your own group or want to make friends. Monday nights we have the most amazing group of regular friends that we’ve made. They’re not even customers, we’ve become so close through gaming. We have even started attending each others weddings. It’s probably the thing that makes us most proud of our little cafe.

We do our best to learn your name. While it’s impossible to learn everyone’s name, if we see you more than once, we will impose friendship on you. Everyone at A-Game believes work is better when you can call everyone your friend.

Trivia Nights. Over a year ago we made a partnership with an awesome guy named Rob. He comes in twice a month and hosts trivia nights every other wed. The first of the month is a General all categories, and the second one is themed (i.e. Harry Potter, Music, Toronto, etc) It’s always a ton of fun. You don’t even need your own team, we will find you one if need be.

We take reservations. We know how much it sucks to be on the Snakes and Lattes wait list. Feel free to make a reservation with us, we’ll have your table waiting for you.

We love games! I’m definitely not saying that Snakes and Lattes doesn’t, but we do our best to have the latest and greatest games. We currently have Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, it’s not even available for retail sales yet.

We don’t have a Liquor License. This is a temporary difference as we’ll have one in a couple weeks. Let us know what your favourite beer/wine is!!

Tournament Tuesdays, on tuesdays we throw tournaments for some of your favourite games like Splendor, Catan, or Terraforming Mars. Check out our events section for the next one

Clash Royale. We’re not just board games A lot of people don’t know but we’re the official hosts of the Clash Royale Canadian champshionships. The qualifiers and finals take place at the cafe, and supercell sends us free swag to give out like an Iphonex, pins, statues, etc…

So while we are like Snaked and Lattes, we also welcome you to come find out what makes us different as well. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.