Century Spice Road: Review

Type: Light Strategy

# of players 2-5

Playtime: 30 - 45min

Complexity: 3/5

In Century Spice Road this game takes you back centuries ago to a time where trading spices were so was the most important market in the world and the value of spices rivaled that of gold! Well you take on the role of a caravan leader in search of wealth and fortune.

One of the first things to note about the game is how beautifully simple the mechanics are that you and your friends will almost immediately be able to play with very few questions around how the game works.  with 4 different actions you can perform on your turn (play one of 3 types of cards, Acquire a new card, rest in order to reuse your cards, and Claim a point card). This is where the simplicity ends.  choosing when to do each action is an added layer of strategy.  Soon you are choosing weather to upgrade your hand by Acquiring new cards, Or weather you should be using your actions to Claim a particular point card before your opponents.  

This game is ideal for 2 - 5 players.  For people who want a game that is easy to learn but strategic enough to take up a little time.  There is some luck element in terms of point cards and merchant cards that show up but don't let that fool you.  Strategy is the base of this game.

I highly recommend this game for all levels of player.  From beginners to strategic players.  It takes a couple play throughs to get a hang of how to be efficient in the game but that is the beauty of it.  The game is simple enough to learn that it playing multiple times will be something you will want to do immediately.  one of my favourite games this year I would easily give it a 5/5

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