Quartz: Review

Type: push your luck

# of players 3-5

Playtime: 45-60min

Complexity: 2/5

Dwarves love digging through their mine for treasure.  Well in Quartz you have found a new mine.  You and the other dwarves have 5 days (rounds) to gather as much money as you can because the richest dwarf in the end will be the new owner of the mine!

This is not your typical push your luck game.  when digging around in the mine (bag) for valuable gems it is exciting and fun.  Hoping to get a valuable gem, perhaps an amber and definitely not the obsidian.  Two obsidians are definitely bad news.  get your second obsidian and they break your cart.  When this happens all the valuable gems you have collected for the day tumble back into the mine and your day is done.  But you do gain some valuable experience to help in a later round.  On your turn instead of mining a gem you can go ahead and play one of your cards.  have someone grab gems for you, or pass of one of your obsidian to another dwarf, or steal gems helping you to multiply your payout at the end of the day.  Where this differs from the typical push your luck is the cards.  The interactivity between players is the fun and excitement in the game.  Your luck might be going great but the other dwarves might be waiting in the dark to take advantage.  The decision to keep going or to stop is always a calculated risk and never an easy decision.  leaving at the right time could mean getting a bravery bonus which could make all the difference in the world.

This game is easy to learn and has beautiful gem pieces.  The game play is quick with little down time which is great.  The momentum of the game changes quite often which is something that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Even when you are out for the day you are encouraging the next player to push their luck just a little too far to end up with nothing just like you.  Recommended for anyone who is looking for a quick fun game with interaction laughs and a little light hearted revenge.  Its complexity is a little low for those who love highly strategic games but anyone looking for less than that will not be disappointed.  This is a 5/5 for what it is.  If you want more complex well there is another game out there for you.

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