Arena for the Gods: Review

Type: Light strategy
# of players: 2-6
Playtime: 30 - 60min
Complexity: 3/5

In Arena of the gods you take on the role of a mythical hero.  Fighting gladiator style to please the gods.  You sacrifice your life in order to obtain the best equipment for a grand battle.  Don't sacrifice too much life or you might be the first person to turn in their weapon.  When that happens, whoever has the most life points remaining wins!

Drawing on mechanics very similar to King of Tokyo, or King of New York also by iello games.  But this takes the strategy to the next level.  using dice rolls to also activate your weapon, mount, armour, or spells. Combining your abilities to take advantage of your strengths and the weaknesses of your opponents.  This game really begins to take shape with 3 or 4 players forcing you to carefully weigh your strategy so you don't leave yourself weak to another opponent.

This game is really for anyone who wants to take on their friends head to head.  Strategic enough for a board game veteran but easy enough for someone new to games.  I can definitely see why this is one of the most popular games right now. 

Are you ready to enter the Arena of the Gods?

Although extremely fun it does have a medium learning curve making it best for strategic players.  Learning how to best use your abilities and how much life to bid for each power can take a couple play throughs.  But once you have played a couple times you will be addicted.   Because of this I give this game a 4/5.