Clank: A Deck-Building Adventure - Game Review

Type: Deck Builder

# of players 2-4

Playtime: 45-60min

Complexity: 3/5


If you enjoy deck builder games like Dominion, Star Realms, or Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle then you are certain to like this twist on the deck builder.  In Clank you are building your deck to help equip your thief best so that they may steal the most from the Depths where the dragon rests.  Careful not to create too much noise clanking around or you are more likely to get attacked by the dragon and killed.  

As soon as one person dies or one person returns to the top of the castle then the countdown begins.  Everyone has just 4 turns to get out and get as far away from the depths as possible.  Just because you got out first does not mean you win.  its all about who scores the most treasure in the end.  A fine balance between smarts, speed and greed.  

I really enjoyed this one as a deck builder because it really works with the theme.  Controlling a meeple and deciding between increasing your skill or movement or attack to achieve the best results is enjoyable.  Watching your opponents is necessary so they dont run away with the win.  

Great anywhere from 2-4 players.  great competitive game which fits the theme and is mediuum in difficulty.  Easy to Learn as you play and for that reason I give it a 5/5

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