Settlers of Catan League

We started off with a couple of successful Settlers of Catan events.  It has been quite popular, so we've decided to start a league with rankings, and prizes.

We had a good turnout for our first week.  We had 8 people show and would love to have more join us. If you love the game/gaming/meeting new people, then come out and join us.

We're still working out the details but this is how it works as of now.  It's every Monday night.  The cost is $7 and includes a drink, you're also welcome to stay afterwards and play as many games as you'd like.

We keep separate rankings for the regular version and Cities and Knights.  The rankings are based on your avg score in your games.  Winners of each game get an extra point added to their total for that game.  To win prizes you must play at least 5 games.  Ties will go to the player that has played the most games.