Where it all started - Part 2: Bringing back the love

Coworkers and I used to sit at lunch complaining about the stressful parts of our day. We decided we should really lighten up our day and thought “what if we played games during lunch instead of complaining to each other.” For 6 months straight we competed in Monopoly Deal! They managed to take all the fun aspects of traditional Monopoly - mortgages, charging friends rent, claiming their properties and all the twists and turns in between. Not only did they keep the fun they cut down on the play time to just 15-20 minutes a match. Gone were the days of the slow monopoly where I would get so bored I would sell all my properties to the highest bidder just so I could go outside. A couple months ago my brother and I sat down and wanted to find a way to share all the things we like about games with not just our friends but everyone out there. We want people to interact with each other and not through their phones, or their home video game systems but in person! Imagine a world like that!

That is how A-game café was born! Using the term we would always use with our friends when we wanted to initiate a challenge of the highest level “Bring your A-Game!”. We want to bring that high level of service and quality to our café. We offer game experts who can help introduce you to a new game and we are willing to sit with you to make sure you get the hang of things before sending you on your way to an evening of fun and laughs 

Challenge us to a game and win and we may even present you with a prize or a VIP (Very Important Player) card.

If you love games, love socializing and having fun and laughs then you are coming to the right place. 

Come check us out and give us feedback so we can become the gaming café you want us to be as well. 

Come be part of our gaming community. Come bring your A-Game!